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Chest Press Machine Types to answer your Fitness Needs

treadmill 2

Sculpt your upper body muscles while sitting down in a powerful piece of gym equipment that lets you work out safely and effectively. Weight training and strengthening exercises using this chess press machine type becomes less impactful while providing the right amount of intensity in building and defining muscles in your arms, back, shoulders, and chest.

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Seated Chest Press Machine

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This type of chest press machine entails you to recline on a padded cushion. It has the option to change the angle of the inclination, whether you want it to be as stiff as almost sitting upright or as flat as lying down in a bench press. The weights you use are coming from barbells with appropriate weight plates so you can safely and effectively perform your chest presses.

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Incline Chest Press Machine

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stationary bikes

This is the type that most resembles a bench press machine. Their difference lies in the cable system that it uses to lift and carry the weights. Instead of using barbells and weight plates combo, the machine has a handlebar overhead that you need to push away from your body while lying down on the bench.

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Cable Bench Press Machine

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference between a Seated Chest Press Machine and a Bench Press?

When you want to tone and define your chest, back, and arm muscles, you would probably choose between chest press machine and a bench press as your go-to workout machine. But do you know that they have their differences?

Position. Bench presses are used while lying down and using barbells, while seated chest press machines are used, as the name implies while seating down or reclining at a specific angle.

History of injury. Although bench presses are ideal gym machines that you usually see in commercial gyms and fitness centres, there are some gym-goers who cannot use them accordingly. Fitness enthusiasts who sustained injuries in their shoulders, back, or spine, bench pressing is not an appropriate weight training for them. Most coaches and fitness trainers will most likely recommend using seated chest press machines instead.

Safety. Using bench presses would require a trainer or spotter to assist you while doing your weight training and resistance exercises. With seated chest press machines, you can do the exercises on your own because the weights are supported by a cable system attached to the machine itself. This makes the machine safer and your exercise more independent.

Convenience. When you use a seated chest press machine, you will see that the weights are managed by a pulley system using a pin that indicates the amount of weight you are planning to carry during your workout session. Instead of removing heavy weight plates from both ends of a barbell as what you are doing when using bench presses, all you need to do is place the pin on a specific weight and continue with the workout.

What Muscle Groups do Seated Chest Press Machines cover?

When you are a fan of weight lifting and resistance training, a chest press machine is one of the most popular pieces of gym exercise equipment that are used, especially if you are aiming to have a bulky and muscular upper body. The primary target muscles that seated chest press machines, or any type of chest press gym equipment, are the pectoral muscles. These are the muscles on the chest. For men, this part makes their body physique look muscular and strong. For women, defining and toning these muscles make them increase their bust size and make their chest area (breasts) look more prominent and firmer. The muscles on your shoulders, back, and upper arms are also being toned and strengthened by this home gym equipment.

How Effective is doing Chest Press Exercises?

If you are still in doubt as to how effective chest presses are in building muscles on your chest, back, and arms, our expert gym consultants here at Chest Press Australia can confirm that doing these weight lifting and resistance training routines are considered similar to doing push-ups, bench presses, use or dumbbells and kettlebells for your upper arms. If these exercises are proven to make your arms defined, your chest muscular, and your shoulder broad, then you can be sure that chest press exercises can give you all that, and more!

Why should I Choose Chest Press Australia?

While other sports centres and gym equipment stores’ only goal is to make a profit for their businesses, Chest Press Australia has a different way of managing the company. We prioritise the satisfaction of our valued customers and gain their trust so that whatever they would need in the future with regard to their fitness and exercise needs, they will surely come back to us. We also are a proud recipient of referrals and recommendations from top fitness coaches and trainers as a go-to gym equipment supplier because they rely on our exceptional customer service, superior quality equipment, and overall customer satisfaction. All these are great considerations that you may want to ponder on when thinking of choosing a fitness equipment or machine source in the future for your home or office gym.